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Updating your kitchen, appliances and bathroom plumbing fixtures can be the quickest and easiest way to increase the value of your home.  Many home improvement projects will add value to your home but giving your bathroom a new look be one of the most valuable in terms of the average home’s resale value. 

You do not want to pay more to fix your bathroom than what it will add to the value of the home. Consult a real estate professional about the true value a renovation will add to the sale amount before any improvements are done if you are trying to sell the home.

Michaels Plumbing Service offers a wide variety of options when it comes to updating your existing bathrooms.  We can provide turnkey complete project management or we can assist the do-it-your-self homeowner with the more technical aspects.  Check out our latest before and after pics.  Click on the links below to view these projects in progress:

Guest Bath Before and After (click here for video)

 Master Bath Vanity Before and After (click here for video)

For those do-it-your-selfers out there here are a few quick DIY tips to help freshen up your bathroom:

Caulking - One of the first areas in the bathroom noticed is the caulk. If the caulk is dirty or cracked it will need to be removed and new sealant installed.  This DIY is inexpensive and an easy to-do for most homeowners.

Fresh Paint - Fresh paint in a neutral color is a must for anyone trying to increase the value of their home for sale or refinancing purposes.  This is another weekend project that is quick and easy.  

Cleaning - The easiest and most inexpensive way to upgrade or improve your bathroom, has to be to clean it. You do not want to give it your regular weekly cleaning, it will need to be scrubbed spotless. All the cracks and crevices in the bathroom will need to be clean, mold and mildew removed, baseboards and especially the bottom and behind the toilet.

Plumbing Fixtures
 - If you have a few dollars to invest, giving your bathroom a face-lift is one of the better investments you can make.  Updating your existing plumbing fixtures not only will give your bathroom a whole new look but also save you money and the environment as well.  But this is one to leave to the professionals.  Give us a call to schedule an appointment today (770) 592-0081. 

Cabinets - Before replacing your existing cabinets it may be possible to spruce up your old existing ones.  Will putting a new cabinet in your home really sale your home? Will it add enough money to the value of your home that you will be justified in buying a cabinet?  Usually the answer to both of these questions is no, but if it is the only way to improve the look of the cabinet it may be worth replacing the cabinets.

Toilet - A new toilet improves the look of your bathroom and more importantly depending on the age of your old toilet a new toilet will use less water.  Sometimes the easiest way to add value to your bathroom is to replace an existing leaking, cracked, or broken toilet.  Check our Toilet Rebate page to see how much money you can get back by replacing your old worn out toilets.  

Mirrors - Mirrors are also a great way to add value to a home. Mirrors make rooms look bigger, add lighting to a room and can give your bathroom a signature look. 

Freshening up your bathroom can be an easy and affordable way to bring new life to your home and increase its value.  Give one of our design specialist or schedule an appointment online today!


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