How to Clean Your Gas Fireplace Log Set


Gas log fireplaces are another popular feature in many of today’s homes. They rarely cause problems and don’t need a lot of maintenance; but, you should inspect the fireplace before each burning season to see if there has been any change in the color of the flames since last season.

If you do want to clean your gas log fireplace yourself, here are some simple steps:
  1. Turn off the gas to the logs and let your fireplace cool down.
  2. Remove the logs/stones/coals/and the burner.
  3. Take them out side and clean them off with a soft-bristle nylon brush.
  4. Vacuum the dust out of the fire box and scrub it.
  5. Turn off the pilot light and use a dry cloth to clean the pilot nozzle and burner assembly
  6. Inspect your vents to make sure they are clean and clear
  7. Reassemble everything and replace the logs/stones/coals and burner to their exact location
  8. Turn the gas back on and turn on the pilot light to make sure it is burning properly.
  9. Light the fire and make sure you don’t smell gas.

If the flames are not blue with yellowish tips, find the control panel and adjust the primary air shutter. If that does not work call a specialist in log fire maintenance.  The gas specialists at Michaels Plumbing Service are available to handle all your gas needs.  We will send a plumbing expert to your home to install your gas log set, gas fireplace, gas grill or outdoor kitchen.  We also detect and repair the leaks.  Give us a call today or schedule your appointment online!

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