Limited Warranty for Retail Installations

As a retail installation customer your primary warranty is with the retailer you purchased your product from.  The retailer must be promptly notified and authorization received for us to return to your home under your warranty. 

Each retailer is different and their policies change from time to time.  Please contact the store where you purchased your product for details. 

As a general rule of thumb, retail box stores install purchases come with two separate warranties.  A warranty provided by the manufacturer of the particular product you purchased and a labor warranty provided by your installer.   Most of our contracts provide a 1 year labor/installation warranty for services provided by Michaels Plumbing Service.  Michaels Plumbing Service does not provide any warranty on products purchased elsewhere.  Defects or failure of products would fall under the guidelines of the retailer or manufacturer. 

For warranty service of a retail install, please contact our 24 hour emergency line at (770) 704-1915 or you fill out our Request Service form online.  Then contact your retailer to report the failure or defect.  Once we receive authorization and paperwork from your retailer one of our friendly office staff will contact you to schedule.   

  • AT&T Digital Life – 855-288-2727

  • Lowe’s Home Improvement – 1-888-516-1010

  • Home Depot – 1-800-430-3376

  • Sears/Service Live – 1-800-424-2047

  • Service Advantage – 1-888-775-6937



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