Outdoor Kitchens


Installing an outdoor kitchen can add a whole new living space to your home and allow you to make the most of your back yard.  Proper installation is key and coordinated efforts of all trades will ensure a smooth project completion. 

Landscape contractors will provide the layout and installation of the foundation. A stone mason will build the work area and fire pit.  Electricians will run the power and lighting, and the plumbing contractor will provide the water, drain lines and gas for the cooking appliance.

The experts at Michael’s Plumbing Service will ensure that:

  • The water supply lines to the outdoor kitchen can be winterized easily.
  • Waste water from the outdoor sink is properly disposed of.
  • The proper gas lines are run to gas grills and fire pits, and that the correct the correct shut-off valves have been installed.
  • The faucet is mounted tightly to the sink and can withstand being exposed to the elements.
  • The ice-machine will operate properly and will not constantly draw water.
  • All work is done according to federal, state and local plumbing and gas codes.

 Whether you are installing a new outdoor kitchen or preparing your existing outdoor kitchen for winter, call us at Michaels Plumbing Service (770) 592-0081 or online for all your plumbing needs!

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