Power Vent and Direct Vent Water Heater Replacements


The use of power vent water heaters and direct vent water heaters have grown in popularity as homeowners gravitate toward more energy efficient devices.  Knowing what kind of heater you will require is the first step to purchasing this type of device.

In addition to normal venting operation a power vent water heater has a blower motor on the top of the water heater to assist in providing air for combustion of the heater.  A direct vent has special venting that provides both air for combustion as well as a vent for removing the exhust from your home.  There is also a direct power vent model that provides both.  

Energy Efficient

Power vent, direct vent and direct power vent water heaters save energy by using outdoor air that already has been expelled and is already hot or cold. Using indoor air, by contrast is more energy-expensive. 

The devices typically are sold in 40 to 50 gallon tanks and put out on average 40,000 to 65,000 BTU an hour. Not only do these devices meet Energy Star criteria, they often exceed it, ranking up to 15.5 percent more efficient than federal standards. Buyers of the power and direct vent water heaters can expect to save as much as 14 percent annually in energy costs.  

The plumbing professionals at Michaels Plumbing Service can help choose the correct water heater for your application.  Call today 770-592-0081 or simply schedule online!

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