Got Granite? Need your Kitchen Sink Reconnected?

Bathroom lavatory and kitchen sink re-connections and installations are one of our most popular service requests.  Customers who have just had their counter tops replaced often schedule for their kitchen plumbing to be reconnected the next day.  Most counter-top installation companies will attach the sink to the counter-top but will contract out the plumbing reconnect.  Due to the change in height from the bottom of the old kitchen sink and new sink, this job can be quite a bit more complicated than it appears.

Reputable counter-top installation companies know that this type of work is best contracted to a licensed  plumbing professional.  Unfortunately some counter-top companies attempt to make the connections themselves or use an unlicensed handyman to do the job.  Many times it does not work out well for the homeowner.  Not only can cabinets and flooring become damaged when, but undetected water leaks can damage the under lying sub-floor and even go through to the floor below.   

Be sure to ask your counter-top company if they have included the plumbing reconnection in their installation price.  If this task is included, also ask if they will be using a licensed plumbing company for the job.  If their answer to either of these questions is no, don’t risk water damage to your new kitchen or bathroom, call the experts at Michaels Plumbing Service at (770) 592-0081.

The plumbing experts at Michaels Plumbing Service can also help you update your kitchen or bathroom by replacing your old worn out sinks and faucets with new and modern fixtures.  Call the plumbing professionals at Michaels Plumbing Service (770) 592-0081 or online for service.

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