Sinks and Faucets

One of the most common leaks in customers' home take place when the o-rings and seals inside of a faucet become worn or when the cartridge or stem need to be replaced.  Water leaking from the faucet runs down behind and under the sink or lavatory making it seem like the sink itself is leaking.

Leaks showing up under kitchen sinks and lavatories may also be caused by other product failures.  Basket strainers, garbage disposals, waterlines, dishwasher drain lines and the plumbing drain assembly itself could also be the source.   

If you find yourself with a leaking sink or faucet, call Michaels Plumbing Service at 770-592-0081. One of our plumbing experts will determine exactly where the leak is coming from and recommend a solution. In most instances repairs can be made the same day.  

The following pages and our plumbing glossary have been organized to provide our customers with information about care and installation of sinks and faucets.   We hope you find them an easy and informative read.




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