Plumbing and Appliance Rebate Programs 

Conserving our planet's natural resources is something everyone should be concerned about.  Laws are being put into place all over our country that are designed to do just that.  Residents in DeKalb County know this oh so well.  Since 2008 homes that do not meet low-flow standards are not permitted to have the water turned on when a new homeowner takes over.  (DeKalb County GA Plumbing Fixture Requirement)

Although this creates an expense no one wants to be subjected to there are also plenty of rebate programs and incentives if you know where to look.  Michaels Plumbing Service has got you covered!  We have searched the net looking for local, state and federal plumbing, gas and appliance rebate programs and have found rebates and incentives for EnergyStar and WaterSense products, water heaters, free pick up and recycle rebate for old appliances, toilet rebates just to name a few.  We have updated our list of rebates and incentives and put them all in one place just for our customers.  There are even rebate finders to share with your friends and family in other areas.

Whether you are updating a bathroom or kitchen, there are several rebate programs to help you save energy, water and money.  Locate all product programs to maximize your savings.  We regularly update this page so be sure to bookmark it, you never know when it will come in handy.

  Rebate Finders:

  Appliance Rebates:

  Water Heater Rebates:

  Toilet and Plumbing Fixture Rebate Programs:

  Local Utility Company Rebates and Incentives:

Michaels Plumbing Service can install your new appliance, provide and install your EnergyStar or WaterSense products.  Call us today or schedule your appointment online!

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