Toilets - Repaired and Replaced

New Toilet Installation
Whether you are updating your bathroom, trying to do your part and conserve water or if it is just time for a new toilet, the plumbing professionals at Michael's Plumbing Service can help you with your toilet installation decisions.

Be sure to check out our page "Which Toilet is Right for You", where we discuss the newest innovations in commodes and bidets.  You'll find information on everything from low-flow and dual flush toilets to automatic flushers with heated seats!

Problems and Repairs
A clogged toilet is one of the top plumbing problems reported by homeowners and businesses. It is also one of the most common plumbing issues experienced plumbers diagnose and repair. Clearing clogs and snaking main lines is no problem for the plumbing professionals at Michael's Plumbing Service.

Leaking fill valves and flappers cost you money and waste precious natural resources.  In most instances there is no need to change the whole toilet, just the toilet tank guts.  Rebuilding your toilet tank is a repair that more than pays for it self

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