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How to Tell When Your Water Heater Is Ready to Go


If you’re wondering whether to replace your water heater, the first question on your checklist should be, “How old is it?” Water heaters that are over 10 years old have reached a mature lifespan. This age is especially relevant if the unit is located in an area that would cause significant damage in your home if it begins to leak.

Over time, water heaters could experience a number of serious issues – a pilot light goes out, a circuit breaker trips, a valve gets stuck, the thermostat stops functioning or a heating element goes bad. Any of these dreaded scenarios could mean no hot water for you and your family, or for your laundry and dirty dishes. What’s more, as a water heater becomes less efficient, it takes much longer to heat the water, which causes additional wear on the tank. You can also tell that problems are in the works if you start to hear rumbling sounds. This could mean that sediment is building up and hardening in the bottom of the tank, and the water heater is nearing failure. Also be alert of rust on the tank or in the hot water from your faucets.

Routine maintenance, such as flushing your water heater each year, can help lengthen the equipment life. A leaking or failing water heater is one of the leading causes of water damage in homes – ruining furnishings, walls and flooring as well as causing mold growth and odor.

If you’d like for us to give your home’s water heater an inspection check or talk about a replacement altogether, give us a call.